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13 Jun, 24
Another ambulance for emergency assistance

Currently assisting with medical evacuation.


10 Jun, 24
We continue our cooperation with the Brovary Multidisciplinary Clinical Hospital

To improve patient care conditions, we have donated...


06 Jun, 24
Plus one vehicle for paramedics

Our need for a four-wheel-drive vehicle has been fulfilled.


05 Jun, 24
Фотозвіт та слова подяки від Чернігівської обласної лікарні
Photo report and words of thanks from the Chernihiv Regional Hospital

The Fresenius Medical Care 5008 dialysis machines, a total of 8 units, which we donated last year.


04 Jun, 24
Фотозвіт від КНП «Камʼянець-Подільська міська лікарня»
Photo report from the Kamianets-Podilskyi City Hospital

Regarding the medical equipment that we delivered recently.


03 Jun, 24
Підтримати різноманітні дитячі та молодіжні колективи
To support various children’s and youth groups

We have delivered new sports jerseys and shoe bags.