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Volunteering for the growth of each individual

The Association is a charitable organization and all its activities are based on volunteer work.

Volunteering is voluntary and today is the lifestyle of modern man. Being our volunteer means devoting part of your time to socially significant projects aimed at improving the lives of Ukrainians in Ireland and Ukraine.

As the AURI volunteer, you are sure to have a fun and rewarding time with the community. You will be able to share something that you know well and want to teach others, or try something new yourself. You will meet like-minded people and interesting people.

AURI volunteers are people of different professions, interests and preferences. But everyone is united by love for Ukraine and respect for Ireland. And everyone is working together for the benefit of Ukrainian values and Ukrainians.

Volunteering at the Association is a free space for self-expression and creativity. This is an opportunity to try yourself in what can become your own profession in the future.

We invite local community leaders to participate! We need the help of activists with organizational skills, fundraising specialists, SMMs, copywriters, video bloggers.

Join us

If you want to help, know something and want to share it with others – join our team! Please fill out this form: