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Native School

Native School

Welcome to the ‘Native School’ page – a network of Ukrainian Saturday schools in Ireland!”

“Native School” is open to children aged 5-6 and offers education in the Ukrainian language, history, and culture. The first school was founded in 2009 in Dublin by the Association of Ukrainians in the Republic of Ireland (AURI) with the goal of preserving the national heritage and educating the younger generation. 

With the onset of Russia’s military invasion in Ukraine, many Ukrainians were forced to seek refuge in Ireland, avoiding the dangers and brutality of the war. This served as a significant impetus for expanding the “Native School” and opening branches in different regions of Ireland. Currently, there are 9 branches of the “Native School” in Ireland, and their number continues to grow.

“Our teaching staff consists of highly qualified teachers who, together with parents, actively work on expanding the educational program. In addition to core subjects, throughout the academic year, ‘Native School’ organizes various events, holidays, and performances such as Saint Nicholas Day, Mother’s Day, Independence Day, and many others. We would also like to emphasize that our school operates entirely due to the voluntary work of our teachers and does not collect any fees from students. Our goal is to provide accessible education for all children without any financial constraints.”

“All the necessary school materials, including textbooks, teaching aids, and resources, are acquired thanks to the annual voluntary charitable contributions from both parents and the teaching staff themselves. This mutual support and pooling of resources enable us to provide quality education free of charge.

We highly appreciate the support of our students, parents, and teachers who help provide our school with all the necessary materials to ensure a comfortable and stimulating learning environment.”

“Thank you for your interest in our school, and we are delighted to welcome you to our educational community!”

Our branches

Native School, Dublin.

Address: Diswellstown Community Centre, Dublin 15, D15VH0

Established in 2009.

Principal: Mrs. Nadia Ivannikova

Contact phone: +353870535590″

Native School, Wicklow.

Address: Wicklow Hub ‘Palyanytsya’, A67VH48

The branch opened in February 2023 року.

Native School, Drogheda.

Address: Drogheda, Co. Louth, A92X79F

The branch opened in March 2023

Native School, Limerick.

Address: Limerick Student Campus, V94PX46

The branch opened in April 2023