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AURI and Medical Care to Ukraine


AURI and Medical Help Ukraine

With the deployment of a brutal Russian military invasion of Ukraine, the country suffered a severe humanitarian crisis. In these circumstances, AURI responded to the needs of Ukrainians and focused also on providing humanitarian and medical help.

The Association has invited Irish health experts to lead the organization.

Thanks to this cooperation, AURI has gained unique channels of communication with medical institutions in Ireland, as well as hospitals throughout Ukraine. Due to that, our charitable organization is extremely effective in accumulating funds and other humanitarian aid, and thus transfers and provides the most necessary medical supplies to the health facilities of Ukraine.

All funds raised

will go strictly towards assisting those in need, first of all, for treatment and support for those affected by Russian aggression.

Thanks to effective and democratic governance, we get the highest value for every donation we receive, which is distributed fairly and transparently.

We, personally and on behalf of the Ukrainian nation, cannot express how much any donation, regardless of how big or small, will be appreciated.