Ukrainian school

The Ukrainian School in Dublin, in Diswelstown, boasts strong enrollment despite families’ weekend commitments. Known as “Ridna Shkola” in Ukrainian – roughly translated as “native school” – it was founded in 2009 by the Association of Ukrainians in Republic of Ireland with the mission of teaching our young ones the Ukrainian tongue, history and culture; offering connection to Ukrainian immigrants’ heritage through classes and special events.

The staff of the School consists of four qualified teachers, all of whom work in concert with the Parents’ Committee members. Apart of regular classes, “Ridna Shkola” with the active involvement of the parents presents several performances throughout the year: St Nicholas Day, Christmas, St Valentine's Day, Mother’s Day etc.

School adress:
Diswelstown Community Centre,
Diswelstown Road,

Tuition fees can be paid by cash or cheque (paid to the "Association of Ukrainians in Republic of Ireland"), or on account of the Association. Please ask School's Administrator for AURI account details.

If you pay by online bank transfer, in the box «Message to appear on receiver statement» please specify name of the child, on behalf of whom the payment is made.

St. Nicholas Day in "Ridna Sckola" 2009 Photogallery

The opening of "Ridna Shkola" in Dublin Photogallery


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