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The Magic of the Irish Palyanytsya

“Паляниця (type of bread), суниця (strawberry), Укрзалізниця (Ukrainian railway), спідниця (skirt)* – this is not a complete list of Ukrainian words that have become magical. These are peculiar speech highlights that inadvertently articulate a person for whom Ukrainian is not a native language.

And why is Palyanytsya the name of a network of Charitable Hubs opened to help displaced people from Ukraine who have been sheltered in Ireland?

Palyanytsya, first of all, is the Bread, which symbolizes life and is an amulet against evil forces, because in shape and color it repeats the Sun, under the rays of which all evil die.

The young people were blessed with a palyanytsya for a happy life; the mother and newborn were greeted, guests were welcomed with bread and salt, as they entered their new home for the first time; and accompanied them on their last journey.

Our “Palyanytsya” is a symbol of sincerity and hospitality. It is the hospitality with which Ireland welcomed Ukrainians in Ireland. It is pronounced with an open heart and emphasizes the kindness and sacrifice of the people who care about this humanitarian project.

The Irish Palyanytsya is the personification of the friendship, support, and commitment of the Irish people to the Ukrainians.

The first Palyanytsya Ukrainian Charitable Hub was opened in Dublin on March 24, 2022. The inspirer, initiator, and patron of the project is Ruslan Mocharskyy (The Art of Cofee).

We invite everyone who needs help to Palyanytsya.

*in Ukrainian, each word ending with “-nytsya”, which is quite distinguishable when is pronounced by not a native speaker.