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Who lives in the ocean: Ukrainians visited the Galway Oceanarium


Author: Yuii Petrenko

Once again, you understand that Ireland is a country of people with a big open heart.

Thanks to the participation and support of The Galway Childcare Committee & Galway Atlantaquaria, Ukrainian families had a unique opportunity to visit the Galway Oceanarium for free for two days, June 21 and 22.

Our Irish friends were very happy to take a tour of the aquarium, talking about sea creatures living in the Atlantic Ocean.

Visitors were able to get acquainted with the inhabitants of the ocean, as well as see with their own eyes: sharks, jellyfish, piranhas, corals and other representatives of the living world of the ocean. The staff of the aquarium gave everyone the opportunity to feed the fish, take in hand a live crab.

The time allotted for the tour passed in one breath, both adults and children were delighted. It is hoped that the wonderful moments of communication with the marine world will heal a few emotional wounds and add confidence and optimism in life.

AURI expresses its sincere gratitude to all those who were involved in organizing and conducting the tour in Galway Atlantaquaria.
Thank you to the people of Ireland for their support!