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Welcome to watch recently released Ukrainian movie “Carol of the bells” in Dublin


Author: Vika Kozak

The Association of Ukrainians in the Republic of Ireland invites everyone to watch the film “Carol of the bells” directed by Olesya Morhunets-Isayenko in Dublin. It will be broadcasting in Ukrainian with English subtitles, so it is designed for multinational moviegoers.

The doors of Ireland’s iconic cinema, one of the top 20 cinemas in the world, will be open for you on February 20 from 5 pm. You will have shared access to the bar on the first floor and the cocktail bar upstairs. The beginning of the broadcast of the film takes place at 6 pm.

A third parts of the tickets have already been sold, so don’t delay, reserve places with this links just now:

Funds raised from the sale of flowers will be used by AURI to purchase generators and help with other humanitarian needs of Ukraine.

On the screens of Ukrainian cinemas, the premiere of the film “Carol of the bells” took place on January 5, and it was also seen by viewers in the USA, Korea, Australia, France, Lithuania, Poland, Canada and other countries.

“Carol of the bells” was filmed based on the script of Ksenia Zastavska in a co-production of Ukraine and Poland by the Ukrainian director Olesya Morgunets-Isayenko. “Ukrainian, Jewish and Polish families equally felt the oppression of both the Third Reich and the punitive regime of the USSR. In the hopelessness of enslavement, the Ukrainian family accepted children whose parents became victims of the occupiers and selflessly protect them. Above all, the girl Yaroslava dreams of reconciling the whole world with the help of the Ukrainian song “Carol of the bells”.

All the events of that time remind us of the current genocide of our people. As in those times, we want to live in a free country, not to be slaves, to give our children the opportunity to choose their future. This is a Ukrainian, genuine, high-quality, good, important and atmospheric film. The tape was based on the real events in Ukraine at that time as part of Poland, the USSR and under the occupation of Germany. Here, our ethnic traditions are reproduced in detail, carols sound extremely sensual, sincere children’s laughter, deep parental love and strong eternal love are heard. The footage of the film reproduces the true reality even in everyday life: expensive costumes, exquisite taste, dishes, homemade toys, and etiquette. This is a film about real indomitable Ukrainians – that’s what we were, are and will be. Mykola Leontovych’s “Carol of the bells” forever became an invisible thread that forever united all Ukrainians around the world!

But also the Association of Ukrainians in the Republic of Ireland offers today a unique opportunity to WATCH A FILM IN YOUR CITY throughout Ireland. Therefore, send applications to [email protected] and we will come to you!

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