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Ukrainian radio AURI appeared in Ireland


Our goal is to unite Ukrainians in one place and help them integrate into Irish society. In particular, AURI radio will create useful content so as not to forget about native roots.

The AURI radio team consists of volunteers from the Association of Ukrainians in the Republic of Ireland (AURI), who already have experience working in Ukrainian media. Very soon you will have the opportunity to meet them in posts on social networks and live broadcasts.

What interesting things will our new radio offer you and what is it planning to surprise you with?

AURI is not a classic radio, so in addition to the radio broadcast, it will contain videos, short videos and podcasts. In particular, you can expect:

 – interviews with guests who share their own experience of life in Ireland;

– experts answers to questions in the medical, social, educational spheres, employment;

– podcasts about everything that interests a Ukrainian in Ireland: history, traditions, cultural features, tourism;

– current news and announcements of events from the entire republic;

– in the category of short videos, Wow-facts, we will impress with unique stories about what is interesting and creates a Wow-effect from what we hear.

And, of course, a lot of Ukrainian music.

Where can you listen and watch us?

Soon, the radio will have an online radio page on the Association’s website, and in the meantime, everyone can follow AURI on social networks and YouTube.





We also want to invite you to participate in the creation of our radio! We always welcome active and interesting, caring people, so if you have ideas or suggestions, write to us: [email protected]

Join us, learn and explore Ireland with us!