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Ukrainians celebrated the anniversary of the opening of “Palyanytsia” in Wicklow town


On April 22, Ukrainians celebrated the anniversary of the opening of “Palyanytsia” in Wicklow town.

For Ukrainians in County Wicklow, this place has become an area of support and support in difficult moments of life. A place where you can get advice and support, a place for communication and an opportunity to warm up in bad weather with warm tea and a kind word.

During this year, many thematic master classes on needlework, floristry, drawing, and psychological training were held in Palyanitsa. Here, Ukrainians receive support with many issues, from filing documents to assisting with finding housing. Organized excursions to all corners of the region and Dublin – zoo, performances, concerts, festivals, apple orchards, waterfalls, picnics, and excursions.

And recently, a Ukrainian Saturday school for young Ukrainians was launched to support the knowledge of the educational program on the Ukrainian language and literature.

But it is important to remember that in addition to helping the Ukrainian community adapt to Irish society, “Palyanytsia” also tries to help Ukrainians in Ukraine, and often participates in AURI’s fundraising for Ukraine’s humanitarian needs. But they are not only rich in donations. At Christmas, many new toys were collected and sent to the children most affected by the war. Also, trucks bound for Ukraine are periodically loaded with boxes of things and clothes, which are kindly handed over by the Irish.

During the celebration, guests of the hub collected 1,600 euros, which were decided to be transferred to the humanitarian needs of Ukraine through AURI's reliable partner - the Gurtom charitable foundation.

The holiday itself took place in a cozy and cheerful atmosphere with surprises for both the guests and the manager of the hub Tetyana Antonova because the volunteers of “Palyanytsia” prepared an interesting entertainment program with contests, performances and a gift in the form of an author’s song and a cheerful lemon tree as a sign of gratitude for conscientious work during this year

Tatyana insisted that such results could not be achieved without a loyal team and praised the most active volunteers. Among them are girls who always help with the organization of “Palyanytsia” work, and many diverse people who dance, play, sing, organize holiday programs, take professional photos, and also prepare delicious traditional dishes for the holidays. So, to celebrate the first anniversary of the hub, up to 50 litres of borscht, 300 dumplings, 25 litres of uzvar and a real palyanitsa were prepared in the best Vinnytsia traditions. Sweets in national colours and gingerbread in the Ukrainian theme, as well as pies and cheesecakes.

Of course, “Palyanytsia”, like a real birthday girl, also had a festive cake weighing as much as 5 kilograms.  

Among the guests who joined in the greetings were faithful friends of “Palyanytsia” – representatives of the County Wicklow Partnership, Wicklow Lions Club volunteer Sean Olohan, and representatives of AURI. Thus, the director of the Association of Ukrainians in the Republic of Ireland, Serhii Balan, thanked Tetiana Antonova for organizing a piece of her native home of Ukraine for Ukrainians and congratulated the entire community of Ukrainians in county Wicklow on the appearance of such a unique “Palyanytsia”.