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Ukrainians from Co. Wicklow gathered in Avondale Park for a picnic


The Ukrainian community in County Wicklow arranged an unforgettable picnic in the beautiful Irish park Avondale.

One of the directions of the Association of Ukrainians in the Republic of Ireland is the development of Ukrainian communities, therefore AURI willingly helps in conducting similar events, including the integration of Ukrainians into Irish society.

Ukrainians had the opportunity to walk among the mighty 800-meter trees on a wooden walkway with interesting obstacles on it. Although in fact, it is built in such a way that even people in strollers or with small children will be able to pass it with ease.

It is said that the forestry of Ireland was founded in these woods, and it was here that one of Ireland's greatest statesmen, Charles Stewart Parnell, was born. He is considered one of the most significant people in Irish history and the best politician in the House of Commons in all 150 years. But Charles Stewart Parnell put an end to his career because of a woman, falling madly in love with the wife of Captain O'Shane - a hussar officer. Later, he was able to marry her and together they had three children.

Amid the redeveloped Avondale Forest Park is a wooden lookout tower that rises above the treetops and offers stunning views of the Wicklow Mountains, the Avonmore River Valley and the Avoca Valley. You can return to the bottom by going down the hill. It gave good emotions to all the visitors to this unique place.

After that, the whole company moved to the meadow immediately behind the mighty eucalyptus trees, where the manager of the “Palyanytsia” hub, Tetyana Antonova, organized a picnic. “Palyanytsia” volunteers prepared and held entertaining contests and games for the entire company.

Such events allow Ukrainian communities to meet in a free environment, share news and feel part of a larger community. Regardless of where we live, preserving and supporting Ukrainian culture, traditions and language is of great importance to us Ukrainians.