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Thanks to the Irish for accepting Ukrainians in the form of payments


Autor: Nataliia Miniailo

The Irish government proposed 400 euros Recognition Payment for people who provide accommodation to those fleeing the war in Ukraine.

This decision was made by the Minister for Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth Roderick O’Gorman and the Minister for Social Protection Heather Humphries.

According to this decision, all those who have agreed to provide housing for Ukrainian migrants will receive a monthly allowance of 400 euros from the government. These funds will not be subject to income tax, and will not be combined with other types of assistance from the state.

According to government officials, these funds are a “recognition payment”, a gratitude for those who have opened their homes to immigrants from Ukraine.

“Since the beginning of the war, the Irish have shown unprecedented support for Ukraine and Ukrainians. Many Irish people agreed to settle Ukrainians in their homes. This support is the merit of the entire Irish people”, — said Minister O’Horman.

The Minister also stressed that it does not matter how the Ukrainians managed to find a host — independent or through the Red Cross. Both categories of hosts will be eligible for state assistance. However, in order to receive funds, it is necessary for Ukrainians to live in an Irish family for six months or more.

It is expected that the hosts can receive payments in July. It is important that the law will have the opposite effect — the Irish will be able to receive money for all months while they begin to accept Ukrainians from February 2022.

These funds would be very helpful to Natalia Matvienko from Galway. She has had a family from Kyiv in her house since the end of March.

“In any case, I pay 110 euros a week for a house. I do not charge for the accommodation of my residents, no matter how convenient. These 400 euros a month would help me.

Also, for my tenants I am a translator everywhere. I help to draw up documents, go to the doctor and social services with them. After all, this is my personal time. So if the state still decides to allocate this money, it will be great. This will be at least a small compensation for people who have opened their homes and hearts to Ukrainians” — the woman explains.

Today there is no procedure for receiving these funds. This option is expected to become available in mid-July.

In March 2023, the payment rate will be revised and, if necessary, extended.