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“Special Military Operation” by the Irish artist Paul Woods


We would like to present you with the painting “Special Military Operation” by Irish artist Paul Woods ( please visit who kindly donated this painting to the Association of Ukrainians in Republic of Ireland following an exhibition by Kildare Art Collective at Riverbank Arts Centre McKenna Gallery.

🕯 Because of the unjustified aggression of russia against Ukraine, many civilians were left without any conditions for life. Month ago, russia launched a missile attack on important infrastructure facilities of Ukrainian cities, leaving hundreds of schools and medical institutions without electricity. This significantly worsens the already alarming humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. vladimir putin, a dictator, wants to leave the Ukrainian people, who have already lost a lot, without electricity before the start of the cold and dark winter.

We would like to help Ukrainians back in Ukraine. With this aim, we are opening a fundraiser “Give light to Ukraine” 💡to collect donations for generators for hospitals and schools.

❗️ As a starting point of this campaign, we would like to sell Paul Woods painting “Special Military Operation”. The funds received from sale of the painting will be used to buy generators for Ukraine.

🙏 We are sincerely grateful to everyone who has joined our initiative and everyone for the continued support!

❗️❗️❗️ Please visit Main Hall, RDS, Ballbridge, Dublin 4 on Sunday 13th November to see the painting.