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Readings of Neda Nezhdana’s play about the war took place in Dublin


Author: Nataliia Miniailo

The reading took place in cooperation with the Les Kurbas Center. The play was red by Ukrainian and Irish actors. The reading was held in two languages: Ukrainian and English.

The author dedicated the piece to the singer Vasyl Slipak with the call sign “Myth”, who was killed by a Russian sniper’s bullet in 2016. The heroine of the play is completely fictional, all coincidences with reality are accidental.

Neda Nezhdana wrote the play back in 2020, but many thoughts in it are intertwined with today’s events. The heroine does not have a name. We know that she is between 20 and 40 years old. She drinks coffee and tries to recover from the disaster. She was invited to the wedding, but she can no longer be friends because the war is going on.

All funds collected during the reading were sent to the fund “Return Alive” (“Povernys’ zhyvym”).