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Rally #russiaisaterroriststate


Author: Daria Kvashyna

Rallies against Russian terrorism were held all over the world. A lot of people turned out in Irish cities too! It was a difficult day for all Ukrainians, wherever they were…

The morning of October 10, 2022 was terrible… The day was repeated when the whole nation was afraid and angry at the same time! It was scary and painful for us, even for those who are not in Ukraine!

All over the world, Ukrainians gathered for rallies and chanted that Russia is a terrorist! This is the mission of all those who left their homes – to tell the world that you should not wait, you must act! Russia is a TERRORIST, you need to fight it, not negotiate!

In Ireland, people gathered in the largest cities of Dublin, Cork, and Galway. Ordinary Irish people and representatives of local authorities came to support them.

Terrorist Russia launched a full-scale attack on all of Ukraine, launched 83 missiles, killed dozens of civilians!

Ukraine is unconquered! And the world, once again, has become convinced that radical action is necessary!
“When will you start???” – Ukrainian mothers with children in their arms ask questions!