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Our children’s dreams come true!


One kind Irishman learned about Elijah’s dream and took the liberty of giving him a scooter!

The AURI team in Galway took part in that pleasant event and witnessed the sincere joy of the boy who believed that his dreams were coming true! Despite his shyness, the boy enthusiastically unpacked the scooter and even managed to ride it in front of the school.

But this is not the whole story with scooters from a mysterious man, because he made happy not one child, but four! He just took and bought 4 scooters – 2 for girls and 2 for boys! Therefore, in addition to Ilyusha, other children who unpacked a brand new scooter also felt joy.

It’s incredibly nice to be a part of such amazing deeds of ordinary people!
We are infinitely grateful for the joy of our children !!!