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Ireland allocates 450,000 euros to support potato growing in Ukraine


The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) plans to distribute seed potatoes among 10,000 of Ukraine’s most vulnerable farms in rural areas, particularly on the front line.

It is planned to transfer at least 50 kg of such planting potatoes to one farmer.

Announcing this support, Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue emphasized that this volume of quality seed potatoes has the potential to produce up to 7,000 tonnes of food potatoes. And this is the average annual consumption of potatoes for 45-50 thousand people.

Minister McConalogue added: “This project will support efforts to restore Ukraine’s agricultural potential and help rural families resume potato production for their household consumption.”

Planting potatoes were grown specifically for the agroecological conditions of Ukraine by producers in the Netherlands and France for the Irish company IPM Potato Ltd.

Ukraine was one of the five largest producers of potatoes in the world, and the main part of its production fell on small farms. But with the beginning of the war, the structure of the supply of seed potatoes in Ukraine was disrupted, and the import of certified seed material was seriously complicated.

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