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Irish culture in melody and dance


Author: Daria Kvashyna

Ukrainians visited the show “Trad on the Prom”. This is a top concert that harmoniously combines Irish ethnic music, songs and dances with a modern style of performance.

The Irish do not cease to amaze Ukrainians with their friendliness! This time a group of Ukrainian refugees living in the cozy Park Lodge Hotel in Spiddal near Galway was lucky enough to attend the “Trad on the Prom” concert at the Leisureland Theater in Galway.

It is a show with a combination of real Irish music, dance and singing, which for many years holds the first place among all national performers. It’s best because the pros who have joined ONE STAGE perform on one stage to create an incredible action.

This cultural program for Ukrainians was organized by a group of volunteers who are constantly looking for an occasion to please Ukrainians, surprise them, fill the spirit of Ireland!

Half of the concert hall was filled with Ukrainians who enthusiastically listened to the legendary musicians: Máirín Fahy, soloists of “Riverdance”, Gerard Fahy (music director and composer “Lord of the dance”), multi-instrumentalist Yvonne Fahy, guitarist and producer Chris Kelly and Colm Henry on keyboards.

In addition, the clarity and speed of the Irish steppe of world-class dancers could not be ignored.

The guest star was Mark Roberts, one of the winners of Eurovision in 1997, who is the leading star in Ireland to this day.

The whole action, on the stage, is so harmonious and exciting that two hours of the concert flew by in one breath. It was especially touching that the musicians dedicated one of their compositions to Ukraine and the world in it!

At that moment, many tears rolled down the faces of Ukrainian women, who watched the concert in fascination. Not all of them understood the words of the presenter Chris Kelly, dedicated to Ukraine, but each of them knew at that moment that the next song would be heard for her personally.

After the concert, we managed to communicate with the organizers and performers! They sincerely sympathized with every Ukrainian they spoke to. Producer Chris Kelly said quite touching words that touched the depths of my heart: “Our song is a prayer for Ukraine! We are heart and soul for peace! Our doors are open to every Ukrainian! No matter how sold out, there are always free seats for Ukrainian guests!”

It was extremely pleasant and incredibly embarrassing to hear these words from the people you see for the first time! Especially after the words about the prayer, I realized why my chest was shaking during the concert, because I realized that it was not just songs, music and dancing. That was the strength of spirit with which the performers filled the whole hall!

Special thanks to volunteers Jan Paul (the owner of the hotel where Ukrainians live) and Jenny Gallagher (volunteer, group soloist and professional singer), they took care of the organization of transport and agreed on tickets! These people not only sheltered Ukrainians, they took responsibility for them and help in all matters!

The Association of Ukrainians in Ireland is grateful to such sincere Irish people who teach to the fullest and help Ukrainians feel the taste of life, after all they have experienced!

So, now we gather the next group of Ukrainians who want to visit this unforgettable show combining ancient Irish culture and modern rhythm.