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Festival of kites and Ukrainian hopaks


Author: Daria Kvashyna

The annual MAYO festival this year was not ordinary, because the entire program was dedicated to Ukraine. This is thanks to the fact that the Irish organizers were joined by a Ukrainian team of kiters from Ultra Fest.

There was a large crowd on the coast, half of which were Ukrainians from all parts of Ireland. They arrived as a group by buses and cars.

During the festival, children took part in master classes, coloring and even in snake-launching competitions.

There was an exclusively Ukrainian program on stage, which pleased the heart and soul the most. They sang Ukrainian songs, read poems, and danced hopak! In addition, an auction was held, the lots were Ukrainian stamps with the inscription “Руский военный корабль…”, as well as a letter signed by the author of that legendary phrase! This made it possible to collect a lot of money for the Armed Forces!

The highlight was the launch of the biggest kites, the size of a bus. We saw a bear, a stingray, an octopus, a huge lizard, a heart and even a Ukrainian flag in the air!

Unforgettable impressions! Many thanks to the volunteers for organizing transportation at cost!
We follow events throughout Ireland and try to get involved as much as possible so that all Ukrainians who have been accepted by this wonderful country can see the unforgettable beauty of this land and be able to recover from what they experienced!