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Borsch: why are you in my dreams?


“Why do I dream about you?”

Connoisseurs of Ukrainian literature will unanimously say Ivan Franko. But no, today is not a literature quiz, not a crossword puzzle, much less about love. Well, about love, but not to a woman.

Today this story is about “Borsch”. For Ukrainians in Ireland, Borsch is a part of Ukraine, a philosophy, a family tradition.

The exact number of Borscht recipes is unknown, however, we can assure you that every household has its own branded recipe. The main ingredient, which makes Borscht that famous red color is beetroot. It is primarily made with meats and even dried fish, but can also be suitable for vegetarians or vegans by substituting the meats with mushrooms, wild berries, and beans. Everyone will find a Borsch to taste. Once upon a time, Borsch was a meal that most husbands came home to, but now – no one would be surprised that wives would come to a freshly made bowl too. These days it can be made by anyone, but don’t forget to add a bit of soul to it!

Ukrainians love Borsch so much that they even organized the annual festival called “Borchfest”. In October 2020, Borsch was officially included in the National List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Ukraine.

But it’s all a delicious Theory! We offer to go to PRACTICE!

So, on Sunday, May 8, at 13:00, in Wicklow Town at Ukrainian Hub “Palyanytsya” we invite you to our tasty event – Borsch Festival!

Everyone is welcome!
Bon appetit!

Date: Sunday, May 8, 2022
Time: 13.00
Address: Ukrainian Hub «Palyanytsya», Old Library Building, Wicklow town