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AURI joins the global campaign #RussianShameDay on 9 of May



● The purpose of the campaign is to spread the truth about the terrible crimes committed by Russia in an unprovoked genocidal war against the Ukrainian people. Considering the threats emanating from the Russian policy of propaganda and disinformation, it is an urgent task to debunk Russian lies and stop the Russian “Immortal Regiment” campaign, in particular, in the EU member states, and to declare May 9 as the Day of Russian Shame.
● Distorting historical facts, Russia and its criminal leadership use the memory of the victory over Nazism in the Second World War to promote militarism, to justify its aggressive genocidal war against Ukraine and its aggressive policy against the democratic countries of the world.
● Exploiting the myth of the “exceptionalism” of the Russian nation and, allegedly, the “special historical mission” that is “entrusted” to Russia, Putin symbolically distanced himself from the rest of the world by making May 9 the main day of celebration in Russia. Putin uses this celebration to demonstrate his rude forces and inflaming Russian nationalist sentiments. 
Russian policy of distorted facts and its role in modern warfare:
● With dictator Vladimir Putin coming to power in Russia, a new threat has appeared before the Free World. Putin’s regime has turned Russian culture and history into weapons. Russian state propaganda, disinformation and deliberate distortion of objective facts have become an integral part of the hybrid war that the Russian Federation is waging against Ukraine and the entire democratic world.
● The Russian actions of the so-called “Immortal Regiment”, which are mostly coordinated from Moscow and used by Russian propaganda to whitewash the terrible crimes of Soviet communism, justify extremism and violence in the war of extermination that Russia is waging against Ukraine, have become a special tool of such hybrid aggression.
Russian crimes in Ukraine:
● In Ukraine, servicemen of the regular Russian army and mercenaries of the Wagner Group commit brutal war crimes, torture and mass shootings of the Ukrainian civilian population, mass deportations, and abduction of children. The terrible massacre in Buch, Izyum, the mass destruction of people in Mariupol, and the evidence of the extermination of the Ukrainian civilian population in the cities of Donbas became a clear manifestation of Moscow’s genocidal policy.
● In their policy on the occupied Ukrainian territories, the Russians also repeat the worst practices of Nazism – mass shootings and abuse of the civilian population, deliberate looting and theft of private property and valuables, mass deportations of the civilian population.
● The goal of the invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine is not just the conquest of territories, but the elimination of the Ukrainian national identity and the genocide of the Ukrainian people. The Russian state and the ideology of racism, which is widely practiced by the Russian political class, at the official level deny the existence of Ukrainians as a separate nation, and all those who disagree with this thesis are persecuted by punitive authorities.
On May 8, Ukrainians all over the world, together with most civilized nations, honour the memory of all brave men and women who gave their lives in the fight against the cruel dictatorship of Nazism in Europe. The victory over Nazism in World War II was the victory of humanism over hatred and laid the foundation for the modern rules-based international order that ensures equal rights for every country and people.

Instead, we join the joint demands with the SCU and call on all allies of Ukraine and all peace-loving countries of the world:

-To ensure justice and responsibility for the aggressor state

-Recognize Russian war crimes and atrocities in Ukraine as genocide of the Ukrainian people

-Recognize Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism / a terrorist state

-Recognize the Wagner Group as an international terrorist organization

-Create a special International Tribunal for Russian War Crimes under the UN, which would investigate the crimes of the Russian Federation, its leadership, as well as all those guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity in Ukraine.