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Application to the AIB Community Foundation


We would be extremely grateful if you can support our Charity application for AIB Community Fund by June 22nd!

It is a simple form to feel

Funding allocation is decided by the number of votes/filled forms submitted, so we really count on your support and VOTE

We are Association of Ukrainians in Ireland, the only Ukrainian Charity registered in Ireland, run by Ukrainians for Ukrainians.

We assure you that the funding will only be spent on humanitarian aid!

Evolving, fast responding charity of Ukrainian descent Irish Citizens to address rapidly appearing needs for Ukrainian refugees in Ireland and humanitarian crisis related to the war in UKRAINE.

Demands of multifaceted requirements are addressed by charity most efficiently with a depth of knowledge.

Doctors, accountants, teachers, scientists’ local businessmen’s and many other amongst steering committee of charity.

A number of already running, planned projects and needs exceed financial resources available to us, and AIB Community Fund would be a timely measure to alleviate this global tragedy of unrepentant scale.

Please find more info about us: and

Please note:

Our Charity registered number – RCN: 20070489
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