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5 months of war: life turned upside down


Author: Daria Kvashyna

On July 24, many events took place throughout Ireland – rallies, charity concerts, meetings dedicated to reminding the world that a full-scale war has been going on in Ukraine for 5 months!

On February 24, the Russian army launched a full-scale invasion of the territory of Ukraine. For five months, Ukraine has been fighting for its freedom and sovereignty with tens of thousands killed, including THOUSANDS of CHILDREN, hundreds of thousands wounded, millions driven from their homes.

Dozens of towns and villages were completely destroyed.

The biggest war in Europe since World War II deserves our full attention because the whole world is affected by the war in Ukraine.

We call on the world, Europe and Ireland, not to stop helping Ukraine with humanitarian aid, medical equipment and means of protection against the enemy!!!

Ireland is the country that was one of the first to help Ukraine, because the Irish know what it’s like to be under occupation…

We are sincerely grateful for the shelter of more than 40,000 Ukrainian refugees!

We especially want to appeal to the people and authorities of Galway! We are grateful for the shelter, living conditions, support and smiles of our children!

We are ready to join the life of the Irish community and do everything to be useful!