Plast – National Scout Organisation of Ukraine is a youth organisation. The purpose of Plast is to promote comprehensive and patriotic education and self-education of Ukrainian youth on the principles of Christian morals; to bring up a youth who will become conscious, responsible and fulfilled citizens of local, national and international communities, future leaders of the society.

Plast, as a Ukrainian Scouting Youth movement, was founded in Ukraine in 1911. On the 12th of April 1912, the first members of the organisation administered the Oath to Plast. This has become known as the birth date of Ukrainian Plast. The founders of the organisation were Oleksandr Tysovskyy, Petro Franko and Ivan Chmola. Today, Plast is the biggest and the oldest Ukrainian scouting organisation, that operates internationally and brings together members living in Ukraine and abroad.

The methodology of tuitions act to achieve the educational objectives of Plast, principles of which consist of voluntary membership of the organisation, education and training through the game and work, progressive training and testing program, system of self-promoting initiative and self-knowledge of nature and life among nature, support of special interests and abilities of children and youth.

Plast uses proven training tools, which are included in the programme of child activities; these involve meetings, outings and various trips.

Today, almost in every country, where Ukrainians are residing, you can find Plast groups, its pupils and instructors.

We are very pleased that now the Ukrainian youth of Ireland have the opportunity to join Plast - Julia Mandziuk begun arrangements in organising Plast groups in Dublin.

For several years Julia organises visits of Ukrainian children to North Wales, to the Plast Camp, held annually by Plast in the UK.

Plast Camp at the Ukrainain land "Verkhovyna",
North Wales, United Kingdom, July 2009  

We hope that with generous support and assistance of the Ukrainian community in Ireland we would be able to announce the establishment of Plast in Ireland and organisation of our first local Plast Camp for Ukrainian children.

For more information about Plast please go to Plast.

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