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Звернення до Медіа


Тo media and whom it may concern: 
We bring to your attention a letter of appeal from the Ukrainians of Ireland in connection with the upcoming march on May, 7/8 organized by pro-Russian forces in Ireland. Find the details below.

We are open to being interviewed.
The contact person:
Alina Kalmykova,
Public Relations: [email protected]
087 900 58 60

We hereby express our recognition for the truthful coverage of the news and cooperation. Sincere gratitude for your human support of the Ukrainian people.

Notification letter to officials and all the kind-hearted people of Ireland 

In this difficult time for the Ukrainian nation, we ask for understanding. Ukrainians succumb not to physical destruction only, but to the humiliation of human dignity and ethnic values which are the core of our identity.

We cannot deny the common past of the Ukrainian, Russian and peoples of other Soviet republics due to their fighting against invaders during WW2, but we kindly ask you not to distort historical facts and take into consideration our understanding of our place in history.

Civilian Ukrainians and those recruited by the Soviet Army being part of the Soviet Union paid a high price for the Victory. However, Russia acting as an invader by itself against Ukraine today is not only nationalizing this victory but is deliberately trying to distort the historical truth by downplaying the contribution of other nations to the struggle against Nazism. 

We commemorate the Day of Remembrance for the Victims of the War together with the entire civilized world on May, 8. To spend the day mourning for ancestors and conversations about the human life value with the younger generation, excluding festive parades and processions.

We are deeply saddened by the plan of the Russian community of Ireland, the Council of Russian Compatriots together with the Immortal Regiment of Ireland to organize their “annual rally” dedicated to Victory Day on May 9. This rally to be held in Dublin on May, 7/8 in Phoenix Park.

We believe that this march offends the Irish people along with the Ukrainians. Ireland has sheltered thousands of Ukrainians fleeing from war, suffering from the Russian attack.

A well-known trick being  used by Russian nationalists every year to disguise their true goal: to demonstrate the power of ‘mother Russia’. A rally to celebrate the end of the war against fascist and Nazi Germany… while ‘mother Russia’  itself is attacking a peaceful European country… Isn’t it ridiculous? Do these people have the moral right to promote Russia as a country representing anti-war anti-Nazi demonstrators?

This planned demonstration is a perfect confirmation of Russia’s policy of double standards and distortion of facts and justification for violent actions. This policy in Russia itself means persecution and punishment for expressing an opinion on ‘Operation Z’. Numerous examples of arrests and beatings of demonstrators against ‘Operation Z’ in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and other major cities. A huge number of people speaking out against the killing of innocent Ukrainians are being prosecuted… Meanwhile, Russians in Ireland, a country where human dignity and life are valued above all, together with other nationalities have full access to freedom of speech and the right to express themselves freely.

A group of demonstrators had already held the previous illegal barbarian cavalcade around Dublin on April,10. Russian flags, ‘Z’ symbols, and military signs were used … So what is the purpose of this demonstration? To threaten the world with Russia’s ‘military power’ and nuclear threat? Can Ireland withstand such a flaunt? Is it fair to Ukrainians? Driving around Dublin with Russian flags and blatantly promoting the WAR-related swastika ‘Z’ symbol, DESTRUCTION and WAR. A controversial act of people with eternal military sentiments who fled Russia because of oppressed freedom of speech and sought asylum in Ireland, but still expressing support for Russia’s actions from Ireland.

Countries experienced Russian ‘values’ first hand: Latvia, Estonia, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Germany, Poland and others banned ‘Z’ symbol along with May 7-8-9  demonstrations. They know what demonstrations truly represent. That ‘freedom of speech and self-expression’ a priori should not infringe and offend the rights and freedoms of another party while for Ukrainians it is akin to genocide.

We hereby appeal to human values, to the authorities of the country that protected us and became a second home for many. Ireland, please support us to stop this parade which is nothing more than another malicious attempt of Russian propaganda to poiZon people’s minds and spread doubts. When innocent children are being killed, Ukrainian girls are being raped, civilians are being killed, people are being displaced… We all know who to blame, so can this abnormal parade in the name of violence be allowed when there are legal ways to ban it?

We stand together, not with ruZZia.

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to Democracy and protecting Human Values!