Less Qualified Workers in Ukraine

Source: Ukrainian National News Agency

Project manager of the Effective Manager Fund Leila Abbasova notes that deficit of qualified personnel exists on the labor market of Ukraine. She expressed this opinion during debates "Emigration of Highly Qualified Personnel Useful for Ukraine," organized by the Effective Management Fund in partnership with the British company "Intelligence Squared."

"Brain drain considerably hampers the country development. Deficit of qualified personnel is felt on the labor market now, which had to be refilled at the expense of specialists from abroad," she said.

Experts note that emigration of qualified labor force abroad is traditionally considered a large problem for developing countries, which loose in a competition for personnel to more developed countries.

At the same time, under conditions of globalization there appears a new vision of the "brain drain" problem: emigration of qualified personnel enables to draw considerable profits to donor countries. In the modern world, the country can develop both at the expense of international human capital and at the expense of using its human resources abroad.

Ukrainian highly qualified professionals, having emigrated to more developed countries, further promote drawing of investments, technologies, ideas and more effective standards of conducting business to Motherland.

Having returned, such people can bring more profit to Ukraine, and the state will have to spend less funds for creation conditions inside the country, which are necessary for development of talents. In addition, temporary emigration of students and scientists for participation in researches and projects raises qualification of national researchers and promotes Ukraine's integration with the world scientific-technical and educational community.

In addition, emigration stimulates development of the national labor market. A reason emerges for Ukrainians to get competitive education abroad in order to find work abroad.

But if due to emigration the country loses a critical mass of well-educated and active people, it will get into a circle of degradation of the labor force and production, and in order to get out of this much larger resources will be needed against creation of conditions for work of talented people until they are still in the country.

Debates "Emigration of Highly Qualified Personnel Useful for the Economy of Ukraine," held in Kyiv, are the sixteenth public debates in the Oxford Club format.

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